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About Our App

A simple yet powerful and innovative way to mark your attendance. Forget biometrics and book registers! Now use your finger tip instead of your fingerprint to register your presence and absence. Scan a code to mark attendance using our feature loaded application while enjoying a host of self service modules including leaves, OD and missed punches.

The contactless attendance system adheres to all guidelines and best practices for social distancing while ensuring foolproof security and integration with all enterprise software systems. An intelligent, randomly changing QR code flashed on a small screen at the reception allows an one or more employees to scan themselves in from various angles as far as 30ft away. A host of other features make the system an obvious choice for employers who crave peace of mind

Random QR Generation

An intelligent, dynamic QR code flashed on a screen at a specific location. The dynamic code generator will minimize the chances of proxy attendance and false presents ensuring data integrity


Easy to Use

The feature rich and easy to use mobile application is available on Android and iOS devices. The UI and UX is designed keeping in mind people from all age groups and comfort levels of using a phone. To mark an attendance, is a matter of scanning a code, and to apply for a leave is a matter of a click!

Access Control & User Authentication

The completely secure and authenticated application ensured complete data integrity and privacy. We do not use your data and are only visible to your company authorities. Role based permission engine allows HR managers to view attendances and a implement a smooth approval workflow for leaves and OD

Integration With Existing System

We understand that an organization may already have robust and working employee management systems and to help you integrate and continue using the existing systems, MyDigiPunch is completely loaded with REST APIs which can be used. It is also customizable to consume any other REST/SOAP API to integrate and migrate from other systems.

Custom reports

In data we trust. But we understand the importance of data representation. Hence mydigipunch installation comes with a customizable reporting engine which helps you view your data in any format and form you desire while giving flexible export options to help you use a tool of your choice for any data analysis.

No touch installation

The application can be installed without any touch and can be used without any touch, Our team will do the installation remotely. Our virtual installation scripts will get the system up and running in no time and only thing real will be the smiles!

Expanded Features

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How do we get started?

Contact us for a commercial agreement

Drop us a line or request a call back to and we shall be more than happy to get back to you, clear the commercials and start the installation process

Installation and seed data

Provide us with seed data or let us assist you to integrate with an existing system to get the employee data and creating unique login credentials for all the users

Login and start using

Download our mobile application for android and iOS and simply login! There will also be a web interface for the authorized people in the company to view reports and manage all data

Stay safe!

Start using the application following all norms and guidelines, while wasting no time for mundane intricacies and stay safe!


Our Pricing Options

Lite Plan


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  • QR Based Attendance
  • Data Support
  • Cloud Server
  • Training
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Pro Plan


Per Year

  • Lite Plan
  • Attendance Regularization
  • On Duty Application
  • Custom reports
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